a super exciting announcement + (almost) friday links

as all of you may or may not know, i'm doing a project with VSCO. (sneak previews above)

i, izzy rael, am going to be part of VSCO's Artist Initiative project. exciting, isn't it? for the next few weeks, i'm going to be creating, shooting, and writing a book of all things creative. 

that's all i am going to tell you.

you can see the official announcement on the VSCO journal here. stay tuned and watch out for specific photographs on my grid, using the hashtag #artistinitiative

but you're probably all here for the awesome links i'm about to share with you... so i will not deprive you further.

1/ izy, the purely magnificent, internet-famous baker, just released her own announcement for her new cookbook, Top With Cinnamon! woohoo! guess who's going to be first in line when you come to sign books in new york...

2/ i'm in love with this video for green kitchen stories' raw buckwheat & walnut porridge. 10/10 great.

3/ can i please just buy all of these ceramics? please? thanks.

4/ for my mum's birthday, (happy 39th, mom!) my dad and i grilled up this easy, yet incredibly sophisticated zucchini and ricotta flatbread. heck yes. 101% recommend before summer ends!

5/ where incredible graphics, doctor who, sherlock, and harry potter collide: my new fandom tumblr! i'm almost 15, i still get to do these things. dooweeooooooooooooooo.