"oui oui i'm orange french toast"

we all need a little french toast in our lives. a lot of you instagrammers have been asking for this recipe for a while now... so i obliged.

do you know why french toast deserves to be in all of our lives? because it's just one of those meals that fills your heart with the most absolute joy.

a.k.a. french toast is queen.

because it's fall season, (i didn't do another pumpkin-flavored thing, i promise), i incorporated the 2 fruits that we have in most abundance in our home at the moment: oranges and pomegranates. 

first of all, pomegranates don't really need to be modified or blenderized (it's a word) in any way. i think of them as little ruby jewels. enough said– they just got sprinkled on the top for both the beauty-aspect and flavor-bomb-aspect of the dish.  

i didn't want to just throw the orange slices on top (although you can), but get the hint of orange in the toast. orange zest. problem solved.

so here we are. me, you, and the french toast that you definitely need to make. also, it's vegan, and takes around 7 minutes to make and 3 minutes to eat. that's how i can make it almost every morning if i have 10-ish minutes to spare. 

this recipe has almost everything you need, and it makes just enough for just you. no sharing!

move aside pancakes, french toast is here. 

for the french toast:

3 pieces of whole wheat bread (i used cinnamon-raisin)

1/3c almond milk

1 tbs maple syrup

1/4 tsp cinnamon

orange zest

(optional) 1 tbs spelt flour

pomegranate seeds for garnish


for the yogurt:
1 package (14oz) firm tofu

2 tbs maple syrup

2 tbs almond milk


01/ drain water from tofu, and cube it

02/ in a blender, blend cubed tofu, maple syrup, and almond milk until completely smooth

03/ (if too thick, add more almond milk)


04/ in a small bowl, whisk together almond milk, orange zest, maple syrup, cinnamon, (and optional spelt flour which add thickness)

05/ heat a frying pan at med-high until hot – spray with canola oil

06/ as quickly as possible, dunk each side of the bread in the milk mixture

07/ place soaked bread on heated pan (there should be a satisfying sizzle happening here)

08/ once each side is crispy and brown, flip over

09/ when all the toasts are perfectly golden, stack the toasts, and drizzle with the yogurt and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds