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3 days

earlier this spring, my dad and i drove for 3 days from new york to new mexico. and back. i used my iPhone to record what i heard and saw on the way.


isle of  capri motel , new jersey. 

isle of capri motel, new jersey. 

sketch restaurant,  london

sketch restaurant, london

petra, jordan

petra, jordan

ostel  hotel, east berlin

ostel hotel, east berlin

wildwood crest,  new  jersey

wildwood crest, new jersey

rhone glacier, switzerland

rhone glacier, switzerland

i have an obsession with wes anderson and reddit. i love fantastic mr. fox and moonrise kingdom and the grand budapest hotel, but especially fantastic mr. fox. i feel like each setting of each film is intentional in the grander color scheme of the entire work (as i'm sure every director tries to achieve -- but most obvious in wes anderson films). 

i love the pastels and the tones and the "is this real or am i just dreaming?" feel of all of his works that can't really be replicated anywhere else. it's surreal. wes makes fantasy in real places, a dreamy reality. 

naturally, when i found the subreddit r/AccidentalWesAnderson i was reminded of how magical the real world can actually be, according to what magical means in the world of wes anderson.

these places exist. these colors exist, and i want to have the chance to explore all of them.

"that's the kind of movie that i like to make, where there is an invented reality and the audience is going to go someplace where hopefully they've never been before. the details, that's what the world is made of." - wes anderson