when food becomes art


black sesame tarte with colored tangrams

baked chai masala pumpkin pie


hand-sliced potato tart

miso white carrot pie with black sesame crust


hummus tart with carrot shingles

cranberry curd tart with persimmon tangrams

hi. it's izzy after a total of 66+ hours of driving after our road trip to new mexico this past week (and a half). i'm kind of grumpy and a little too sick of eating a protein bar every day for breakfast and waking up at 5:00am every day for 3 days of driving there and back. but, it was beautiful. i'm home now. 

god, i didn't think that i would be any happier seeing the actual disgustingness of 40 minutes of traffic jam going into the holland tunnel. yep. honking galore.

while my dad and i were driving the final few miles to our apartment, we listed the things that we had honestly missed: (yes, that honking), jaywalkers, asshole taxi drivers, potholes, narrow lanes, sirens, the smell of trash.

i don't know what i'm going to do when i leave.


lauren ko is not only a writer but an awesome self-taught baker. there's a little tagline at the bottom of her website that says, "when all hell bakes loose." awesome.

as a food – art and art – food lover myself, when i found her unconventional colorful, geometric, and truly stunning designs on instagram, i instantly fell into a deep admiration. 

are you surprised that buzzfeed already did a video starring a few geometric pies?

lauren uses pretty eclectic ingredients for her pies:

cheddar cheese

cranberry powder

dragon fruit

blood orange


miso paste


purple yams

holy heck. psa: not all in the same pie. 

inspired to bake right now? yeah buddy.

enjoy your april fools day easter.