found artists: jonathan higbee

“over the years i have been able to develop my eye and sense of anticipation to more easily spot uncanny coincidences...

"...but every once in a while my gut will tell me that some element i’ve come across on the street has potential to become a successful image,

"...even if it’s nothing special just yet.”

i've always loved coincidences.

although seemingly methodically constructed, planned, oriented, and too-good-to-be-true, jonathan higbee's images are instead a result of patience and a good eye. 

"coincidences is my love letter to new york, and to the infinite number of magical, ephemeral and serendipitous moments that make it a city unlike any other."

higbee's work is quite literally the kind of work i wish i could do, using the kind of skills i wish i had. patience? not really there yet. 

being able to make something very real be magical (which i think is what these photos are for me) is an ability i can only hope to achieve. or, at least, learn to garner. 

coincidences are the best kind of instances. (i meant that rhyme and i am sorry). they are irreplicable and serendipitous, and that's what makes them special.

and my god, when you get them on camera, you will treasure them forever.

happy snow day.