to be thankful

today is the day of turkeys, of cranberries, of sweet potatoes, and of gravy. yes, for some, this day might be all about food and its preparation, but really there's another meaning behind it.

i don't really mean celebrating the 'first thanksgiving' where the pilgrims hosted a thanksgiving meal for local native americans, maybe for some of you this might be the case. i'm talking more about the 'thanks' in thanksgiving– the way we celebrate it in our household today.

for my family, thanksgiving is a time to reconvene with other parts of family that we don't get to see often. today we reflect on how thankful we are to be able to spend time with extended family, and realizing we have so many possessions and opportunities to be thankful for.

especially in our high-tech and plugged-in world, these notions can be so easily tossed aside and overlooked; even though it is these things that are the most important when celebrating thanksgiving day. 

personally, i am thankful for a lot of things that i often take for granted. 


i am thankful for:

having a home and a loving, supportive family

being able to attend school in a safe environment

the food that is not always so readily available for others

the opportunities that have opened doors for me

living in an appreciative community

my education

having caring friends


really the list could go on and on.

so tonight, or whenever you have a chance to, reflect on what you are thankful for; be appreciative of what you have, remember the importance and message behind thanksgiving, and eat your sweet potatoes. 

have a lovely thanksgiving everyone!

p.s. this is my favorite part of the charlie brown thanksgiving movie. enjoy.