it's over

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i was walking home from school yesterday, and i thought, "wow, this is really the end."

and it truly is the end... of middle school.

and although it is only the end of yet another school year, i started to reflect what great things have happened this year. the many awesome things.

  • i turned fourteen 
  • i attended an amazing school
  • i learned more than i have ever thought possible
  • i successfully got into a high school
  • i rediscovered my love for art and drawing
  • i started to read again
  • i started this blog
  • i started to cook
  • i started to bake
  • i started to write
  • i started taking photographs 
  • i became comfortable with aloneness 

i have learned a tremendous amount this year. many of which are not noted on the beginning of this already long list. it could go on. 

i can admit i have very much changed since the beginning of the year. and i am thankful for the people who have helped shape me into the young woman i am now.

to my parents, teachers, peers, and others, i want to thank you all.

i cannot wait for the amazing changes of next year. i can already see great things.


summer has finally begun.