let's be creative

an image by tim schutsky + other unknown sources

an image by tim schutsky + other unknown sources

i look at a lot of stuff on the internet. i like looking at art (in all of its forms) a lot. 

i'm constantly inspired. i've recently found a few "things" that i've really, really enjoyed + i've been motivated by. here: 

1/ from sketch to screen

the other day i stumbled upon yours truly, a unit dedicated to telling the stories of artists (and more specifically, musicians). i found this piece they did on chaz bundick, an artist / producer / creative. i just loved everything about this.

image by bea policarpio

image by bea policarpio

2/ the crossroads of should and must

i've loved elle for awhile now. i talked about the difference between "should" and "must", but i'm pretty sure you'd much prefer her explanation over mine. she just gets it. 


3/ ok gO!

you all know that okgo is my favorite band. this is also my favorite concert opening. i get chills every time i watch it (also like post-concert sadness). it just makes me want to make something awesome.

images by yours truly

images by yours truly

4/ wet

don't wanna be your girl. creative processes + art + music + everything that happens in-between. this is the story of wet (the band, if you didn't know).


4/ our solar system

a group of friends recreated the solar system in real proportion because they wanted to. i just found this whole things insane/cool/beautiful/wonderful/thought-provoking. there's a new perspective that i had formed.