okay so

i kind of don't know what to say. 

i've been resting my body a lot. i've been eating well. i'm learning in school. i'm trying to take photos every day. i'm reading. i'm waking up at six o'clock every morning, except on the weekends. i walk home every day at around five. i read the news sometimes. i write sometimes. i'm listening to new music every day. i do my homework. i like to look for new shoes even though i don't need them. i smile. i go out with my friends. i brush my teeth twice a day. i play piano every monday and get out of school 15 minutes early on fridays. i try to walk more because it's nice out. 

i'm doing well. 

i feel like i don't keep up with writing here enough. i know, i know, i'm sorry. but i'm going to change that within the next couple of weeks. i have stuff in store to share, but i'm not exactly quite sure what it's going to be yet. #coolcontentcomingsoon. promise. i'm hoping to get some videos out pretty soon... i just haven't gotten around to it because you know, school and projects and all that fun stuff. but i promise that cool things are underway. 

so i turn this question to you all: what kind of content would you like? more recipes (which would be in summertime)? more film stuff? graphics? art? life stuff? writing? do tell. (seriously, i'd really like to know). 


i'll leave you with "cool things that i've found in the last 22 days" things. haven't done one of these in awhile. 


1/ floating record? could you imagine this in your bedroom? yes? yes.

2/ my favorite little video (i found last week). it's not really about pizza

3/ this pair of very minimalist earrings that i adore

4/ a really intriguing short film on "fangirls"

5/ a steve patch

6/ i forgot about this piece + have been listening it for the past week

7/ my favorite human being doing my favorite human things


have a lovely saturday, everyone.