2015 + a video

photograph by austin schmid

i hope you all have had a wonderful holiday. i celebrated mine with a trip to the west village (shot in the video above). there's been a lot of resting, reviving, creating, and laughing in the rael household. it feels great. 

as 2015 nears its close, i decided to share a few of my favorite things:

1. favorite songs that i've listened to this year

2. favorite photographs taken this year

3. favorite youtuber that i found this year

4. favorite video that i found this year

5. favorite music video that i found this year

6. favorite blog of the year

7. favorite tumblr post of the year

8. favorite shop of this year

9. favorite source of inspiration of the year

10. (one of many) favorite photographers of the year


you can listen to the playlist of my favorite-songs-that-i've-listened-to-this-year below.

that's all i wanted to share this week. 

have a wonderful day everyone.