found artists: joji baratelli

this is joji ('s work). 

joji is a teen photographer with a great eye for detail and contrast and texture and color. last summer, while i was in LA, we met up and traveled around santa monica and photographed what we saw. what resulted were various hues of greens and blues–– typical for los angeles.

i wanted to share one of my favorite projects of his: paper. this series (which completely caught my eye) was shot entirely with an iphone and processed in VSCO. i think what really drew me towards these particular shots was light in contrast with shadow, two elements that i like to play around with in my own work. his high-contrast photography is my personal favorite, but all of his other photos are taken just as skillfully.

i also really respect joji's street photography. i've always been a little discouraged when asking to take people's pictures, resorting to taking faceless portraits instead. joji is pretty dauntless in this field, and for this reason (and many others), i really admire him as a photographer. 

you can take a look at his work on his VSCO, his vimeo, or his instagram.

joji is definitely a creative to watch out for.