found artists: drew tyndell + (friday) links

remember the last time i found a rad artist? well i've found yet another. (so many cool creatives everywhere!)

when i saw one of drew tyndell's hand-drawn gifs floating around the tumblr-sphere, i was in awe. i mean, the precision and hand needed to create such pristine gifs is absolutely insane. 

take the first gif. just don't move your mouse or anything and really look at it. just keep watching it. and watching it. and watching it. you never really want to look away, do you? (i know i don't). imagine what sort of planning is behind making these... 

this morning i was scrolling through his portfolio and was looking at some of the other animation work he's done. turns out he did this clip for cartoon network. just wow. 


enough said.

because i didn't get a chance to post them on friday, here are my collective links for last week!

1/ orchiette? stew? comfort? yes. please. thanks.

2/ so i got a new scarf...

3/ i went to go see this movie with a bunch of friends last weekend. it blew my mind in the most extraordinary way.

4/ we all know who's the best first lady...

5/ i literally screamed when this premiered last night.

6/ speaking of which, if you haven't seen this clip from the newsroom, then you probably haven't lived. (skip to 3:11 if you want to hear just the speech).


on a more personal note, i apologize for being on a mini-hiatuses in-between posts. ninth grade has been pretty tough.

have a fantastic week everyone.