i've been watching stuff

1/ on work – ryan o'connor

simple. eccentric. awesome. funny. i love it. i love helvetica. 

2/ upstate – jorge cuevas jr

15 seconds of joy and beauty.

3/ onward internet – sander van dijk

the internet is cool. right.

4/ pulse - traceloops x shigeto

a favorite song + a favorite artist. the perfect video.




it seems like it's been forever since i last wrote here. it has, actually. i've been busy with my summer job and trying to be creative in other aspects of my life. i'm more confident now. i'm more confident in my life and actions as a creative. it almost feels like i know what i want to do and grow to be in the future. it's crazy. i'm turning 17 in 2 months and even though i always say i don't know what i want to be, i do know what i want to be. i am who i want to be. i think for me, that's really powerful.


good evening.