a few friends

although we've never encountered each other face-to-face, i have photography-savvy friends around the world. i'm oblivious to the fact of how incredibly talented, creative, and committed each and everyone one of these splendid individuals are. from the united kingdom to the san francisco bay area to nevada, these young, humorous photographers are always striving for the finest capture.


top row: henry "howl" hemulen. curly-haired dreamer of the uk. aspiring to become one of the new york city folk, and meet alice gao. we call him "crumpet man" for obvious reasons.

middle row: dominic laxague. explorer of reno, nevada. obsessive over all plants, inside and out. always talks about how one day he will visit the great iceland. constant sweater-wearer.

bottom row: will suiter. adventurer of the san francisco sea. fog-follower. i'm absolutely positive he has a crush on each and every potted succulent plant alive. we call him "fish". also for obvious reasons.


i encourage all of you to explore their accounts on instagram, and follow their journeys around the corners of the globe. each of these gentlemen have many stories to tell in their square captures, and all have a stunning view of the world.

in many ways, i am jealous of how skilled and ingenious these fellows are, and someday i hope to master the fine art of photography just as they have. i also hope to meet them all one day.

but for now, we are currently curating and laying out our ideas for a magazine: articles on pot-plants, local restaurants, food, amenities, things we adore, and of course, our own photography. 

it is still up in the air, but just know that the three of us are hard at work! i will release more information about this soon-to-be magazine in a few more weeks. for now, be sure to follow the magazine's official instagram!


until then, have a lovely start of spring!