for the minimalist in me

as you probably know from my tumblr, i absolute adore minimalist, copenhagen-styled homes. bright spaces, beautiful furniture and fixtures. like serge mouille fixtures. i mean, i grew up with two design-centered, selective architects, so it's pretty clear why that i'm this way. there's something really satisfying about minimalist spaces and i can't really explain why... but you get what i'm saying right? i thought i would share these spaces with you to spread the minimalism-home-love around. you're welcome.

on another note, i'm on my ninth (and counting!) day of school and i'm pretty much done. i'm starting new projects within school (a magazine!) and starting to finish others (my book!). but you know what? i am so incredibly excited for the events and cool stuff that's going to be thrown at me this year. college tours (already!), starting an internship (maybe!), learning new stuff (you betcha!)– just doing all sorts of new things and being completely busy, but completely organized at the same time. i'm so excited (and petrified!) for it all. 

i'm going to leave it at that. goodnight.