when you're freaking stressed out

/ illustrations that stress me out + by the great mouni feddag /

hey ho hi there. as you can probably tell from the title of this post, i'm very much stressed out. today marks the (second to) last day of our first full week to my second full year of high school. i've been in school for approximately 104.3 hours and i am already stressed. like woah, i need to take chill pill and just eat a bag of ice or something. 

and the worst part about it? i have no idea why the heck i'm stressed out. i feel like i'm tripping and falling over myself a hundred times. i feel like my brain is not grasping the information that it needs to grasp in order to succeed in the tenth grade. oh yeah, i even forgot that i'm sixteen now because i'm so stressed out. and on top of that: for some reason, i chose to do so many extracurriculars this year! hurrah! yeah! homework! stuff! writing! studying! stressing more because you know there's no such thing as too much stress!!

i hate to write stuff like this here, but i feel like its necessary to do so in my vigorous efforts to de-stress (current status: not really working yet). if you're a visual learner and need some visual representations of me right now you can go ahead and click here. if you want to see how i'm currently studying for english, read on.

writing about my problems here is a catharsis for me. classical tragedies were a social good because they caused an emotional cleansing among society. venting is my emotional cleansing; however, artistotle would not like the tragedy that is my life because it is way too long and not really a tragedy at all because i haven't died yet for my unintentional wrongs. the end.

don't stress out, kids. stay un-stressed.

your friend,