1/ room 304 at the michelburger hotel in berlin


it's like a modern, live-in cubicle. which is incredible . 

love: neutrals, wood + concrete details, "secret" doors, geometry



2/ azukashi house in japan


(some) antiques x modern details- swoon. although i don't know what that bird's doing there 

love: plants (+), wood details, house-silhouettes, open



3/ watt rooftop apartment in belgium


okay this is what i've always wanted my bedroom to look like: bed, dresser, mirror, PLANTS. 

love: PLANTS PLANTS PLANTS, focus on plants, green from plants, completely open space, that antique ladder, exposed light fixtures



4/ 5th floor apartment in copenhagen


okay and this is what i want my house to look like: minimal, simple palettes, midtone oranges, blues, and greens.

love: natural light, leather detail, exposed books, plants, open



5/ artist's studio in amsterdam


this was built in a renovated tower and is pretty much the epitome of what a hideout/hideaway is.

love: bareness, tall ceilings, neutrals, spiral staircase. so minimalist.



ever since i was a kid, i've had this obsession with "hideaways" or secret passageways in houses or between rooms. i still have that obsession, but i've matured it a bit.

in 2006, we took a vacation to amsterdam, berlin, and paris, and i remember that the most memorable part of our 2 week-long trip was this / this (we stayed there two different times). my favorite part of our entire trip was our hotel room(s). yep. that's also the only part that i remember and reminisce about now: the interior design. i cannot describe to you how much i loved those rooms. i was/am fascinated by small, modern spaces (i have a folder of pictures dedicated to the them). 

i'm pretty sure that everyone shares this fascination with eclectic, homey, minimalist, cozy, visually-appealing spaces, or at least i hope they do. 

"i wish i could retreat to one of these small safe cozy havens and never come out. like a hermit crab. bye." - alex 

happy wednesday