what's happened in the past 23 days

(images by me + awesome video on windows/light/shadows that i adore)

i'd forgotten to write here. i'd forgotten i have this space.

i've been so busy with school and the given exhaustion that comes with it that i'd forgotten to write + share. i wanted to let you know that i am well. i feel good. i am happy amidst the chaos that is exams and tests. i don't know how it came to be this way because i certainly wasn't like this last year.  

i still care. i'm just more carefree. i've been thinking about it a lot: how happy i am now because i've cut this limit that has restrained me for so long. this tense, hard-on-myself mindset that kind of just itches at the back of your head. i don't know how i did it– how i learned to disregard it, but i don't think i've ever been so sunny during such a "stressful" time. 

other than that, life is good. i've been reevaluating my perspective on things as a whole, which is good i guess. i don't really know how to explain. i'm growing up? i feel like i've grown up already, but maybe this is just my last bit of maturity kicking in. 

casey neistat retweeted me. that was cool. 

we saw troye sivan last tuesday. less cool but still A+

i wrote a thing for missbish.

it's okay.