found artists: rebecca martin + blah blah

the bold + the brave.

for the past couple of weeks, i've been really swooning over vivid, minimalistic portraits and shots. i stumbled across rebecca martin's work and i really thought i'd share with other modern-art-fanatics. the simple shapes, the contrasting colors, the clarity of her work is so fascinating to look at and easy to admire. 

i've realized that good images (in my opinion) are not complicated. they are not overthought or complex, but distinctive and original. sometimes i have trouble applying these values to my work, and it's difficult to switch mindsets when i take photographs or create art, but i learn (with lots of time, unfortunately).

on a very irrelevant point,

i've also realized that i have less and time to write here. i find that i am struggling to find things to write about, what to say, what is interesting, what is not so interesting. i'm not saying i'm giving up here, but rather that i want to apologize for the not-so-in-depth words and not-so-foodie-centered posts. i know you all like those. so, sorry for not posting that many recipes. i'm busy. i'm busy all the time. i'm stressed. i'm stressed (most of) all the time. however, what's most important is that i am still in love with what i do. i am carving out precious time and brain cells to pursue it and propel myself further into art.

i love it and i hate it at the same time. i love it one day and want to write every day and want to paint and go out and explore and see sights and close my eyes and forget about everything. then i remember everything that i have to complete and finish and write, and all of those creativity color splatters kind of get painted over with thick, black acrylic. 

i guess i just wanted to blah blah blah away. i guess that's what this is for.