"raw" + vegan snickers bars

a video, a few pictures, a few words here and there, and the recipe. 

that's all that is needed for this post.


let's keep it minimal.

"raw", vegan, minimal snickers

makes 10 bars


1.5c rolled oats

15 dates

3 tbs almond milk

1 tbs brown rice syrup


2c dates (lightly packed)

1/4-1/2c almond milk 


6oz dark chocolate

01. in a food processor, blend all crust ingredients. press in one even layer into a tart pan

02. refrigerate

03. process all caramel ingredients. spread evenly over "crust"

04. refrigerate

05. melt 6oz of chocolate (i used coconut-filled) in a double-broiler over low heat. pour over "crust" and "caramel"

06. refrigerate for at least 3 hours, or freeze for 1 hour.

07. cut. enjoy.