wants + wishes

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Ever since discovering for my love for photography, I’ve also discovered my love for modern-antique kitchen gizmos, like the ones above.

The simplicity. The modern-esque home-y looking mugs and vases, it’s all incredibly visually appealing to me. Very. Appealing.

  1. Everyone needs a handmade wheel-thrown mug in their life
  2. A signed copy of Vegetable Literacy by Deborah Madison – get your education on vegetables, and eat them too
  3. The Market Bag; the iconic fold and shape of a brown paper bag, now waxed and sturdy, and perfect for your lovely food goodies
  4. A citrus wreath to brighten up your kitchen
  5. The beautiful Folded Bowls, to fold into the palm of your hand. Perfect for feeling the warmth of your soup in the cold winter.
  6. An enamel Butter Warmer. Because who doesn’t love butter?
  7. A minimal stoneware flower vase for your bare dining table
  8. A color-dipped baking dish – that pop of color is exactly what your kitchen’s been missing
  9. Apple-a-day lamp. This quirky lamp is made from an apple juice jar, and it’s at the top of my wish list. (Says something, doesn’t it…)

These things are currently on my priority wish list (especially number 09)! The following items are available for purchase at Food52’s Provisions shop.

Hope you have a great weekend!