inspiration for a new room / white vs. white

long story short let me just say that we're moving up three flights of stairs. moving up three flights of stairs means three bedrooms instead of two. three bedrooms means that i get my own room. my own room means that i get to design/decorate/make-it-awesome!

it's like the circle of life.


can anyone guess how long it's been since i had my own room? let's see… i'd need about three hands...

10 years okay. 10. years. but, i have to say that this is a pretty fantastic high school freshman present for the new year!

anyways, let me show you some future planning i had in mind:

what i am really searching for is white on white on white on white on white. really simple, yet aesthetically pleasing. because i do not own a bed frame, my bed will be placed on the floor, which will give it a very home-y look, no? white duvets and sheets of course!

over the summer, i'm also planning on doing a few DIY room projects… a hanging clothing rack perhaps? it would add a comfy-bedroom feel to the room, as well as adding a little bit more hanging space.

something else that completely caught my eye during my "inspiration search" are fig trees (or any sort of bedroom-safe plant for all that matter). a pop of green to the all white room would give a nice scandinavian-hipster vibe. (that is what is seems like i'm going for…) my always awesome dad actually bought me a hanging cement planter with air plants (!!) to hang in my new bedroom as well. plants and more plants for the win!

last but not least, i think what would tie my new room up nicely (maybe even with a bow), is some sort of inspiration/pinning board. if i can do it on pinterest, i could surely do it on a lovely board! i was brainstorming a few ideas of how it could work...

- a diy wooden board (like the one above)

- a whole cork wall

- a whole charcoal felt wall

- white magnet boards

the possibilities are endless… i guess i'll figure it out once we move.

until then, farewell and have a great rest of the week!