i think i've made it

1. iced coffee for summer / 2. raspberry sorbet for aesthetic / 3. pool scenes / 4. 4D tesseract in 3D / 5. celebrate! / 6. the view from abby’s

yesterday was my last day of classes of my first year of high school. it doesn't even feel like it's ended, but rather that it's just starting all over again. bad? meh. i think it's time that i reflected on 10 things that have happened this year, (like i did last year).

  1. i turned 15
  2. i started and finished my first year of high school
  3. i became comfortable with wearing a uniform every day (yep.)
  4. i started a plant-based diet (yeah!go vegetables!)
  5. i got hired for my first real photography commission (it never really went through...)
  6. i became comfortable with not having extra time to do the stuff i want to do
  7. i learned that it's good to keep in touch with old friends
  8. i learned that speaking up for myself is extremely valuable
  9. i realized that baking (although tedious at times) is a stress-reliever
  10. i grasped that i really take sleeping for granted

so yeah. 10 things that definitely weren't as deep as last year, but, you know, it's still constructive. 

so. for the final moments before summer, i will share some cool stuff things magic thingamabobs:

/ such a cool air purifier + planter + design piece 

/ beet tart tart tart

/ 2-ingredient buckwheat pancakes (bc PANCAKES)

/ i'm very intrigued by this instagram

/ chill sounds

/ i dig this

have a fabulous weekend, everyone.