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things i did in august
images by  gothamist

images by gothamist

1. eat at gloria restaurant, nyc

fish and seafood galore a.k.a. my kind of place. 

the restaurant is small and humble, and the windows let in this really nice light. 

it was no surprise that every dish was stellar. really recommend if you love non-meat things and dashi-butter mushrooms.

images by melissa joulwan

images by melissa joulwan

2. make paleo oven-fried salmon cakes

with more time on my hands, i've been cracking down on trying new recipes.

these salmon cakes with almond flour and mashed sweet potato by melissa are actually so great. i stored them for a few days and re-fried them on a pan right out of the fridge. 

threw it on a salad, dressed it as a burger, ate one for a snack. 

image by carnegie museum of art

image by carnegie museum of art

3. visit hélio oitica + history of protest at the whitney, nyc

honestly, whenever i go to the whitney i'm always at least a bit disappointed. 

but, last week was definitely an exception to that. my friend hannah and i roamed every floor, carefully and thoughtfully looking at every piece (especially those of the "incomplete history of protest" exhibit). 

first time in a long time that i was just in awe of an entire collection. 



4. see dunkirk in 70mm

god, this film was spectacular, which is no surprise because of nolan and zimmerman's unified genius. every shot was stunning, every track was incredible, the entire interweaving of shots and events was brilliant.

i have no complaints. see it in 70mm. 

5. binge-watch avant garde vegan on youtube

i actually did binged these videos this morning. 

i'm not a vegan anymore, but i have loved gaz oakley's recipes nonetheless. the kitchen in this squash risotto video is goals. 

happy august, everyone.

isle of  capri motel , new jersey. 

isle of capri motel, new jersey. 

sketch restaurant,  london

sketch restaurant, london

petra, jordan

petra, jordan

ostel  hotel, east berlin

ostel hotel, east berlin

wildwood crest,  new  jersey

wildwood crest, new jersey

rhone glacier, switzerland

rhone glacier, switzerland

i have an obsession with wes anderson and reddit. i love fantastic mr. fox and moonrise kingdom and the grand budapest hotel, but especially fantastic mr. fox. i feel like each setting of each film is intentional in the grander color scheme of the entire work (as i'm sure every director tries to achieve -- but most obvious in wes anderson films). 

i love the pastels and the tones and the "is this real or am i just dreaming?" feel of all of his works that can't really be replicated anywhere else. it's surreal. wes makes fantasy in real places, a dreamy reality. 

naturally, when i found the subreddit r/AccidentalWesAnderson i was reminded of how magical the real world can actually be, according to what magical means in the world of wes anderson.

these places exist. these colors exist, and i want to have the chance to explore all of them.

"that's the kind of movie that i like to make, where there is an invented reality and the audience is going to go someplace where hopefully they've never been before. the details, that's what the world is made of." - wes anderson

this is a post about eggs

i am a big fan of eggs. i really like eggs (like really, really).

why am i writing a post on eggs? because eggs are important to my existence as a living being, and i believe they deserve to have a post dedicated to them. 

also, let's get down to some scientific business here. eggs are super duper rich in vitamins, nutrients, good fats, and protein. they contain all 9 essential amino acids, and minerals and nutrients like iron, phosphorous, selenium, and vitamins A, B12, B5 and others. in other words, eggs are a superfood that don't contain the words "acai," "spirulina," "grass," or "baobab." nice.

they're pretty great. 

eggs come in all forms in recipes, so i want to share with you my favorite things to do with this beloved ingredient. 



shakshuka (especially from greenkitchenstories) is both an eggs-for-dinner and dinner-for-breakfast sort of dish. it's a good share (or just eat entirely by yourself) food. so in other words, it's pretty great for basically anything you want.



these simple scrambled eggs. there is little known to me that is as great as simple scrambled eggs. this recipe has a few extras that make the scramble so, so fluffy. aka the best scrambled eggs ever.



baked eggs.jpg

i'm pretty sure you know of izy. her baked eggs with spinach, ricotta, and leeks is one of my favorites for a lazy sunday brunch. like the shakshuka, these eggs are great for sharing, but also great for some solo breakfast-ing. RICOTTA is always the answer.




this french toast is indeed eggy and fancy. heck, throw in some orange zest on top and you got a fancy one-fourth of a four course breakfast. the roasted almonds give this toast a nice crunchy finish. so, i dig it. 



i hope you enjoy my egg rant

viven los huevos.