found artists: javier de riba

i forgot i had drafted this almost 2 months ago. 

javier de riba turns disarrayed spaces into orderly ones in his exhibition "flors," painting geometrical mosaics on the floors of abandoned buildings. both the photos and behind-the-scenes video of his work are breathtaking and undoubtedly satisfying. 

his work reminds me how much i underestimate the power of simplicity in art and how it can transform a space or even an entire place regardless of its imperfections. i think that is what javier aims to achieve: art that reveals the beauty of a space that does not seem beautiful.

“it moves me to think that one day these floors harbored experiences and helped form a part of someone’s daily life, and now finally rest forgotten.”

“through my intervention, i allow this sensation to flourish and offer a testimony to these past lives.”

hello again.



getting to where i'm going

in my english class, we were given the task to create something inspired by walt whitman's "song of self", which described the individual's search for her own identity. our project was supposed to most authentically represent ourselves in a physical, verbal, or visual medium.

naturally, i chose photography.

here was my introduction to my project:

"it was hard for me to figure out what aspect of my identity i wanted to talk about when the medium in which i wanted to present my project is my identity. the next most logical thing i could about is how art has become a part of who i am. the answer is new york city."


it's hard to stay positive
image by bydvnlln

image by bydvnlln

image by joel

image by joel

image byfayznasir
my poster for the women's rights march

my poster for the women's rights march


i've never wanted more than

to fight back

to call back

to protest

to represent me, to represent others, to represent who we are

it's hard to stay positive in a time like this

it's hard for me to have hope

but this is the time when i stand stronger

and i am stronger every day

i will fight, i promise.