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found artists: alex proba

“making [is the best part of my job]. and the people i am making things with.”

alex proba is a “multidisciplinary designer”. a woman of multiple mediums working with shapes and colors and form of all kinds. in 2013, she founded studio proba, where all of her work can be found — aka graphic joy.

one of her most recent projects has been her “a poster a day project” which has been ongoing for almost 3 years. it was, she writes, her way from getting unstuck — to design without really thinking but just playing around without guidelines for thirty minutes every evening.

from abstract to surreal to pattern-filled to completely minimalist, each graphic is unique.

“I can’t take each and every one too seriously and I can’t spend too much time on it. If the result of this is me not liking some, than that’s okay, as long as it still stays my visual diary. That is what makes it truthful and real.”

there’s an integral drivenness that comes with creating something once a day every day for three years. in proba’s case, it requires a drive to not only challenge yourself to create consistently but to let things settle in once they are created (sometimes). often times, i realize, i have a similar idealist/perfectionist mindset when making something.

over the past few years i’ve learned to come to terms with my “bad” art — classified usually by the fact that a) i am not proud of it or b) it just sucks overall. alex is right though: that kind of art is healthy and almost essential to becoming a better artist.

we must remember the sucky stuff we made to figure out how to do something cooler next time. i think about that daily. the sucky stuff is the most real. we made it.

happy monday.

p.s. happy birthday, gab

when food becomes art

black sesame tarte with colored tangrams

baked chai masala pumpkin pie


hand-sliced potato tart

miso white carrot pie with black sesame crust


hummus tart with carrot shingles

cranberry curd tart with persimmon tangrams

hi. it's izzy after a total of 66+ hours of driving after our road trip to new mexico this past week (and a half). i'm kind of grumpy and a little too sick of eating a protein bar every day for breakfast and waking up at 5:00am every day for 3 days of driving there and back. but, it was beautiful. i'm home now. 

god, i didn't think that i would be any happier seeing the actual disgustingness of 40 minutes of traffic jam going into the holland tunnel. yep. honking galore.

while my dad and i were driving the final few miles to our apartment, we listed the things that we had honestly missed: (yes, that honking), jaywalkers, asshole taxi drivers, potholes, narrow lanes, sirens, the smell of trash.

i don't know what i'm going to do when i leave.


lauren ko is not only a writer but an awesome self-taught baker. there's a little tagline at the bottom of her website that says, "when all hell bakes loose." awesome.

as a food – art and art – food lover myself, when i found her unconventional colorful, geometric, and truly stunning designs on instagram, i instantly fell into a deep admiration. 

are you surprised that buzzfeed already did a video starring a few geometric pies?

lauren uses pretty eclectic ingredients for her pies:

cheddar cheese

cranberry powder

dragon fruit

blood orange


miso paste


purple yams

holy heck. psa: not all in the same pie. 

inspired to bake right now? yeah buddy.

enjoy your april fools day easter.


found artists: jonathan higbee

“over the years i have been able to develop my eye and sense of anticipation to more easily spot uncanny coincidences...

"...but every once in a while my gut will tell me that some element i’ve come across on the street has potential to become a successful image,

"...even if it’s nothing special just yet.”

i've always loved coincidences.

although seemingly methodically constructed, planned, oriented, and too-good-to-be-true, jonathan higbee's images are instead a result of patience and a good eye. 

"coincidences is my love letter to new york, and to the infinite number of magical, ephemeral and serendipitous moments that make it a city unlike any other."

higbee's work is quite literally the kind of work i wish i could do, using the kind of skills i wish i had. patience? not really there yet. 

being able to make something very real be magical (which i think is what these photos are for me) is an ability i can only hope to achieve. or, at least, learn to garner. 

coincidences are the best kind of instances. (i meant that rhyme and i am sorry). they are irreplicable and serendipitous, and that's what makes them special.

and my god, when you get them on camera, you will treasure them forever.

happy snow day.