"raw" + vegan snickers bars

a video, a few pictures, a few words here and there, and the recipe. 

that's all that is needed for this post.


let's keep it minimal.

"raw", vegan, minimal snickers

makes 10 bars


1.5c rolled oats

15 dates

3 tbs almond milk

1 tbs brown rice syrup


2c dates (lightly packed)

1/4-1/2c almond milk 


6oz dark chocolate

01. in a food processor, blend all crust ingredients. press in one even layer into a tart pan

02. refrigerate

03. process all caramel ingredients. spread evenly over "crust"

04. refrigerate

05. melt 6oz of chocolate (i used coconut-filled) in a double-broiler over low heat. pour over "crust" and "caramel"

06. refrigerate for at least 3 hours, or freeze for 1 hour.

07. cut. enjoy.

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hey, it's summer


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it's summer. 

and i've said it about a gazillion times this month. from the five years that i have lived in new york city, i have never been so entirely intoxicated by the thoughts of summer. most likely because this winter was the absolute worst. no jokes here. 

anyways… what i have composed for you all is a little palette/moodboard that really gives me those bright, bold, summer-y feels. plus, all of these photographs and graphics are a few of my favorite pins this week.

enjoy, and have a lovely afternoon.

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some finds + where have i been?

1/ yossy arefi shares a stunner slab blueberry pie on food52.  plus, it's made with rye too!

2/ diy waffle cones, pastel-colored ice cream, gorgeous pictures, and... er... awesomeness

3/ can i have this bracket of bracelets? maybe some inspiration for a little diy project this summer.

4/ unknown source - but a super simple, exquisite black "uniform"

5/ ginger and vanilla granola. because ginger and vanilla are totally meant to be paired together.

6/ i absolutely love this outfit. from hair to shoes, the white against white is sure to please me. 


so where have i been for the past week?

well… packing, sleeping, eating, packing, moving, sleeping, etc. for the next ten days or so we are living in a local hotel. sure, there are perks: blasting the AC to 60 degrees at night, turn-down service with chocolates, free apples in fruit bowls at every corner, and an empty gym. but, i still have the characteristics of the impatient little girl who wants so badly to move in, and sleep in her own room (finally). 

the excitement is creeping up on all of us, i must say. we check the apartment three times a day, making sure that everything, the floors, the walls, the cleanliness, is as close to perfect as it can be. problems arose at the beginning, but it seems that everything is finally mellowing out. and we're happy.

so here we are. or here i am. sitting at an aroma café scrambling for words, and enjoying the free wifi while it lasts. (nope, no free wifi at our hotel).

on the other hand, it's the fourth of july, and my mother, brother, and i are going to spend the day in chinatown to get our food-fix. 

have a lovely weekend, and a grill-filled fourth of july!

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