what i've been watching

1/ lights of brussels

tim never fails to impress with his short films (and original scores). clips of his recent trip to brussels were stunning. 



what does working in new york look like? what does working in new york as a creative freelancer look like? this film answers that in 6 minutes and 45 seconds.

3/ moments

a wonderful and awesome commercial. emotional. teary-eyed. beautiful. 

4/ sun moon london

fwd: casey neistat. a film completely filmed in 2520mm in london feat. the various different big moons. it's a full aurora of warm. 


5/ illusions

mind f*ck.


i'm dancing this week.

it's sunny this week. 

holy crap.



nut-free ginger bliss balls

i've been obsessed for the past few weeks with making bliss balls, fat bombs, nut-seed-coconut snacks. like, blending all the extra seeds or nuts or cacao nibs and nut butters that i have and eating it all. i think i've made a different test batch every day after i've gotten home from school. weird? yeah, definitely. 

i mean, lee's fat bombs have kind of taken over the health-foodie side of instagram, and they look awesome every time. (yeah, i know, "fat bombs" sounds pretty... non-health-foodie, but we'll just go with it). 

i've mentioned that i'm eating more fats and less carbs. these are the perfect snack for this purpose. they're sugar-free and high-fat, so they'll fill me up between meals if i'm on the run. (just like on our road trip for 11 hours at a time, for example).

because of the ~nutritious~ seeds that are in this recipe, these snacks are high in:

1. OMEGA-3s

improves heart health, reduces inflammation, helps menstrual pain, supporst healthy skin, fights autoimmune diseases

2. OMEGA-6s

reduces inflammation, helps reduce nerve pain, lowers high blood pressure, supports bone health


stimulates neural activity, stabilizes blood sugar and pressure, supports bone health, strengthens muscles, boosts metabolism, reduces anxiety and stress


supports bone health, helps maintain cognitive function, reduces pms symptoms, supports lung health

5. HEALTHY FATS, to keep you fuller longer

for the purpose of my sanity, we'll revise the name from fat bombs to bliss balls. cool? cool.

ginger bliss balls

serves 10


what you need

what you do

  • 1/2 cup dried unsweetened coconut
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
  • 1/4 cup sunflower seeds
  • 1 tablespoon flax seeds
  • 3 tablespoons coconut butter, melted
  • 2 tablespoons almond butter
  • 2 teaspoons ground ginger
  • monkfruit sweetener (or maple syrup) to taste 
  • salt
  • hemp or sesame seeds to coat

1. blend everything together in a food processor or high-speed blender

2. sweeten bit by bit with monkfruit (or maple syrup)

2. roll 10 evenly-sized bliss balls. coat with seeds of choice

3. store in refrigerator 

oh happy days.


when food becomes art

black sesame tarte with colored tangrams

baked chai masala pumpkin pie


hand-sliced potato tart

miso white carrot pie with black sesame crust


hummus tart with carrot shingles

cranberry curd tart with persimmon tangrams

hi. it's izzy after a total of 66+ hours of driving after our road trip to new mexico this past week (and a half). i'm kind of grumpy and a little too sick of eating a protein bar every day for breakfast and waking up at 5:00am every day for 3 days of driving there and back. but, it was beautiful. i'm home now. 

god, i didn't think that i would be any happier seeing the actual disgustingness of 40 minutes of traffic jam going into the holland tunnel. yep. honking galore.

while my dad and i were driving the final few miles to our apartment, we listed the things that we had honestly missed: (yes, that honking), jaywalkers, asshole taxi drivers, potholes, narrow lanes, sirens, the smell of trash.

i don't know what i'm going to do when i leave.


lauren ko is not only a writer but an awesome self-taught baker. there's a little tagline at the bottom of her website that says, "when all hell bakes loose." awesome.

as a food – art and art – food lover myself, when i found her unconventional colorful, geometric, and truly stunning designs on instagram, i instantly fell into a deep admiration. 

are you surprised that buzzfeed already did a video starring a few geometric pies?

lauren uses pretty eclectic ingredients for her pies:

cheddar cheese

cranberry powder

dragon fruit

blood orange


miso paste


purple yams

holy heck. psa: not all in the same pie. 

inspired to bake right now? yeah buddy.

enjoy your april fools day easter.