stress & friday links

let's talk about stress. 

as a freshman at a completely new school that is also completely unfamiliar, i have a lot of stress. stress = little sleep = anxiety about not sleeping = being unconfident about stuff. so therefore, using the transitive property, stress = not being confident about stuff.

i think that what's hard for me to fully understand is that struggling is part of being a teenager. that being uncomfortable when you don't grasp a concept or when you are around other people is normal.

although i am writing these statements now, i realize that even haven't comprehended them yet. which kind of sucks, but i think i'm getting used to it. 

to all my fellow students: you will make it through. 

to all of my fellow non-students: you will make it through.

to myself: just stop freaking out.


okay. just had to put that out there.

on a much happier note, here my friday links for this week. 

1/ this kale + squash salad is definitely going on my "have-to-make-this-now" list

2/ i've never heard of a bostock before... but i think i need one. or four.

3/ can we all just agree that this can easily be the greatest flour shot of all time?

4/ i think this is very relevant. plus, ruby is one of my favorite cartoonists...

5/ can we just appreciate the fact that the newsroom season 3 is premiering next month (!!!!!!!!!! internally screaming !!!!!!!!!!)

6/ i think i am in love with the coloring of this movie


have a lovely weekend everyone.

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really rad pumpkin donuts + an announcement

DSC_6198 (title).jpg

as you all may or may not know, i am starting a column on kevin's blog, thou swell. every month, i'm going to post a recipe of mine and talk a little bit about why i chose it, (and quite possibly, why it's so good)... 


this month, i am sharing a really rad pumpkin donut recipe with a sweet glaze. 

to check out my post, and to get the recipe, head on over to thouswell!

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found artists: elle luna

last week during the school day my mom sent me a short email; its subject being: "check her out. i think you'll like her".
linked in the email were 3 links to different posts on an artist that my mom had discovered. her name is elle luna. i read the linked posts from start to finish and instantly fell in love with her work.

elle's not just amazing because of her incredible artistic talents, but because of the message that she's sending to others.

one of the links from my mom's email that really stood out to me was the post that elle had written on medium about having to face choosing between should and must.

in this current context, it might make no sense at all... should? must? why would we have to talk about these things? how are they any different from one another?

in her post, elle talks about those differences, and how must is far superior than should because when you choose must, you're choosing to be "your truest, and most authentic self" (as she puts it).

i think that this constant weighing between them not only relates to me, but to a lot of other teens my age. it's just this jumble of teenage feelings, and worries, and hormones, and this persistent fear of being able to "fit in", as we put it, that makes choosing either should or must so difficult.

i can relate to her a lot. i think she's my new role model.

have a great rainy day, everyone.

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