a super exciting announcement + (almost) friday links

as all of you may or may not know, i'm doing a project with VSCO. (sneak previews above)

i, izzy rael, am going to be part of VSCO's Artist Initiative project. exciting, isn't it? for the next few weeks, i'm going to be creating, shooting, and writing a book of all things creative. 

that's all i am going to tell you.

you can see the official announcement on the VSCO journal here. stay tuned and watch out for specific photographs on my grid, using the hashtag #artistinitiative

but you're probably all here for the awesome links i'm about to share with you... so i will not deprive you further.

1/ izy, the purely magnificent, internet-famous baker, just released her own announcement for her new cookbook, Top With Cinnamon! woohoo! guess who's going to be first in line when you come to sign books in new york...

2/ i'm in love with this video for green kitchen stories' raw buckwheat & walnut porridge. 10/10 great.

3/ can i please just buy all of these ceramics? please? thanks.

4/ for my mum's birthday, (happy 39th, mom!) my dad and i grilled up this easy, yet incredibly sophisticated zucchini and ricotta flatbread. heck yes. 101% recommend before summer ends!

5/ where incredible graphics, doctor who, sherlock, and harry potter collide: my new fandom tumblr! i'm almost 15, i still get to do these things. dooweeooooooooooooooo.

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simple brownie bites for simple people

i'm not really a simple person, actually.

i'm more... eclectic? i don't know. hip? no.

hipster? yeaaaa-no.

but i like these brownies.

i've been really into fresh ginger lately; fresh ginger porridge, fresh ginger soba, fresh ginger tea... it's just so, so, so good. GINGER PEOPLE. i swear it will be the new kale in a couple of months.

fads, for goodness sake.

but let's quit talking about me for a second here. i'm writing right now to tell you about these brownies. these are actually SO GOOD and they use 3 ingredients, and take about 3.14159265359 minutes to make. that's right. (i timed it exactly).

i know i say this about the majority of my desserts, but seriously. let's get real. 3.14159265359 minutes *coughcough* nerd pi-jokes *cough*, 3 ingredients. that's pretty radical. insert nerd-surfer face here. (please tell me you get it..."radical")

other than those two little things, these brownies are super duper versatile. you can add whatever spices you'd like. now that i'm thinking of it, i should've added some cayenne! sweet/spicy = my kind of party.


3 ingredient raw brownie bites (for simple people)

makes 6 bites

loosely adapted from laura

3/4 cup raw buckwheat groats

1-1/3 cup pitted dates (preferably medjool)

1/4 cup cacao powder

pinch of salt

(optional) 2 tsp vietnamese cinnamon


01. in a food processor, blend buckwheat until a flour forms. (little chunks here and there are a-okay)

02. add pitted dates, cacao powder, salt, and cinnamon and process until a large ball forms

03. once everything is thoroughly combined, roll out "brownie dough" using a damp rolling pin until about 1 to 1.5" thick

04. cut the dough into 6 even bite-sized pieces of brownie

05. press in more buckwheat for extra crunch, or even emmy's cacao coconut super cereal like i did. (emmy's organics is awesomeness)

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grapefruit rose + passionfruit-sichuan peppercorn sorbets at fifty licks 

papa + q

farm cabbage 

farmer girl

one of five dishes on the vegetarian tasting menu at racion

capturing light


the berries we picked

book selection at table of contents

pick-your-own sunflowers

table of contents #selfie

well. it's been a great 10 days here in oregon with my family, and at jazz camp.

i've made relationships with people i will never let go of, and i'm one step closer to becoming an even better musician.

i finally made my way to fifty licks, a super small batch hip ice cream parlor in portland. they have a lemon-saffron sorbet cocktail with shiso leaf. (6 more years. 6 more years...)

we went berry picking at sauvie island farms. you can't really get a real farm experience in new york, right? i probably ate about 2 pounds of blueberries and golden raspberries. the aches were worth it. plus we got to sit in a vegetable cart. win.

while we were in downtown, portland, we made our way to clyde common in the ace hotel for brunch. and stopped to peek around the little shops around the area. 

the coolest shop of them all, which wasn't actually located downtown, was table of contents. it was so beautiful i wanted to cry. i was going to buy a pair of maison margiela hammer pants, but apparently "they are cool, but not cool enough for you", according to my mom. eh. fine.

we went to ración last night. my first tasting menu, and definitely not my last. it was good. great. fantastic??? right. it was the perfect finish to the end of our trip here in oregon.

i won't ever forget this one.

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