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this 4-day weekend

for the past 3 days or so, henry and i have been traveling new york city. i've been taking video and shots and everything nice and stuff, so be on the lookout for that sort of thing in a bit.

here was our itinerary:



la esquina, little italy

– morgenstern's finest ice cream, lower east side



– brooklyn bridge, brooklyn

smith canteen, carroll gardens

– brooklyn heights promenade + piers



ost cafe, east village

stumptown coffee, west village

saigon shack, west village

– minetta lane, west village

the high line, chelsea


and we're off.

first snow

dear you,

we got our first christmas tree with jenny (our dog) today. 

it was snowing and foggy and eerie and empty and beautiful.

jenny, who was born in the cayman islands, is obsessed with the snow.

she's like us: beach-born, energetic, and overall kind of crazy. it was no doubt she'd love the snow as much as q and i do. 

we got a twelve-foot tree. it was so big the guys who owned the little tree farm had to use a tractor to drag it to our car. it smelled like christmas all the way home.

it smells like christmas in our house now.

i hope i got good pictures.

happy holidays.


and, thank you

yogurt panna cotta . pumpkin pie and ginger ice cream . roasted yams and delicata with yogurt and pomegranate . kale salad with persimmons and tahini dressing . roasted green beans and whole grain mustard . mashed potatoes . stuffing . turkey . gravy cranberry sauce with jalepeños . roasted cauliflower steaks with capers and olives and parsley . berry crisp .

i am thankful for life

i am thankful for opportunity

i am thankful for people and family and friends and love

i am eternally thankful for everything

enjoy your holidays 

be thankful for everything that you have