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john zabawa, cereal mag, liam stevens, manjit thapp, reidar pritzel, natalie tan, kanghee kim, flavie roux, sigmar polke, erik madigan heck,  natalie tan

john zabawa, cereal mag, liam stevens, manjit thapp, reidar pritzel, natalie tan, kanghee kim, flavie roux, sigmar polke, erik madigan heck,  natalie tan

every couple of months, i make a new folder of images. i would sort of describe it as a mood board folder: there are images from pretty much everything that i visit. blog posts, illustrators' portfolios, tumblr, cargo, etc. i link this folder to my screen saver, so every time i leave my computer i come back to these images floating and folding on my screen. it's like a moving inspiration board... sorta. 

colors are nice. i've been drawn to more pale colors recently. i like the way they complement more vivid colors. composition is nice too. i've always been drawn to simple shapes. 

the pictures and illustrations complement each other. they work together to create a new thing and are great pieces of art because of that. i think that all good art is like that. it can be associated to other pieces and other artists regardless of style or medium. 

i like art like that. 

happy friday

say yeah + sunday ' 1

it's been awhile since i last made a video. it's been awhile since i last wrote a post. so i decided to make a double-double post and introduce two super cool new things to you guys. 

i recently got a new little point-and-shoot to begin to more easily take videos again (i would rather not carry my DSLR around everywhere i go). 'sunday' is a short test of my new camera and a documentation of my late sunday mornings. i'm still working on my "what am i doing?!!? what do i need to set when i'm manual settings?!?!" skills, so forgive me for the graininess for the low-light shots at the beginning. just like, skip over it or something. yeah, that's better.

so... in addition to my super cool video, i'm introducing a super cool new post category! snippets. snippets will be a "summary" of what i did and how i felt on a certain day. they're an extension of my moodboards; more or less being an abbreviations of previous posts. i'm introducing snippets so that you can get a more clear insight into my life as a young creative, and how i incorporate art into my every day teenage-school-life. so here it is. my first snippet (denoted by ['{snippet #}]) : 

+ i haven't made a video in a long time, so it feels good to work on my (very much developing) videography skills
+ i'm pretty worried that i wasted my time making this (very much not good) video when i could've written my history paper or studied for my chemistry test 
+ i think it's worth it
+ i think art is worth it? i think relieving stress through creation is worth it?
+ it was valid procrastination, though (i keep telling myself this)
+ it's okay. everything's okay. i'm okay.
+ let the term be over already

have a wonderful sunday evening, everyone.

cool things

i know i've been gone for a while now. it's finally all slowing down. school is approaching its end and i am not stressed as much as i used to be. it's nice having a few extra hours of free time to just enjoy myself and curl up with a nice episode of the newsroom and a large cup of iced coffee. i know that during this short period of time until summer, i will surely savor these moments.

i never realized until this year how much i love to do nothing. how much i love to sleep and to relax and just lay in bed and think philosophical things.

so here are some pretty cool things for you to explore until i come back.

/ awesome balloon mirrors

/ (cool) diy projects for the summer

/ magnificent interactive projections for the win

/ light + hanger = hank

/ super chill matcha brownies

/ gorgeous maple + lemon + meringue pies