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found artists: tyler spangler

this is tyler spangler.

some of tyler's work caught my eye whilst scrolling through tumblr (as one does) and i thought i would share it with you all. i was definitely drawn towards the really vivid color palettes he uses. a lot of his work includes cut-outs and collages + it reminds me of a more modern, matisse-like style of art. 

i think what i love most about tyler's work is its simplicity– the ability to create a minimalist, simple work of art while still being eclectic, i guess. it's hard to explain, but, i think you get my gist. it's sophisticated, but not... there's definitely a lot of stuff going on in his graphics, but not to much that it's too ornate. there's a perfect balance, and i love it. i love it. i love it. 

also, his gifs are a plus. gifs are always a plus. 

have a great rest of your week everyone!

(there is a new video coming out soon)