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say yeah + sunday ' 1

it's been awhile since i last made a video. it's been awhile since i last wrote a post. so i decided to make a double-double post and introduce two super cool new things to you guys. 

i recently got a new little point-and-shoot to begin to more easily take videos again (i would rather not carry my DSLR around everywhere i go). 'sunday' is a short test of my new camera and a documentation of my late sunday mornings. i'm still working on my "what am i doing?!!? what do i need to set when i'm manual settings?!?!" skills, so forgive me for the graininess for the low-light shots at the beginning. just like, skip over it or something. yeah, that's better.

so... in addition to my super cool video, i'm introducing a super cool new post category! snippets. snippets will be a "summary" of what i did and how i felt on a certain day. they're an extension of my moodboards; more or less being an abbreviations of previous posts. i'm introducing snippets so that you can get a more clear insight into my life as a young creative, and how i incorporate art into my every day teenage-school-life. so here it is. my first snippet (denoted by ['{snippet #}]) : 

+ i haven't made a video in a long time, so it feels good to work on my (very much developing) videography skills
+ i'm pretty worried that i wasted my time making this (very much not good) video when i could've written my history paper or studied for my chemistry test 
+ i think it's worth it
+ i think art is worth it? i think relieving stress through creation is worth it?
+ it was valid procrastination, though (i keep telling myself this)
+ it's okay. everything's okay. i'm okay.
+ let the term be over already

have a wonderful sunday evening, everyone.