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found artists: jonathan higbee

“over the years i have been able to develop my eye and sense of anticipation to more easily spot uncanny coincidences...

"...but every once in a while my gut will tell me that some element i’ve come across on the street has potential to become a successful image,

"...even if it’s nothing special just yet.”

i've always loved coincidences.

although seemingly methodically constructed, planned, oriented, and too-good-to-be-true, jonathan higbee's images are instead a result of patience and a good eye. 

"coincidences is my love letter to new york, and to the infinite number of magical, ephemeral and serendipitous moments that make it a city unlike any other."

higbee's work is quite literally the kind of work i wish i could do, using the kind of skills i wish i had. patience? not really there yet. 

being able to make something very real be magical (which i think is what these photos are for me) is an ability i can only hope to achieve. or, at least, learn to garner. 

coincidences are the best kind of instances. (i meant that rhyme and i am sorry). they are irreplicable and serendipitous, and that's what makes them special.

and my god, when you get them on camera, you will treasure them forever.

happy snow day.


a color study: orange

axel oswith | othello grey | dan rubin | faithcouch | mike lyon | ferrian reynaldi | motokimokito | lukasph | yumna

i have been in a creative rut recently. i'm trying to get back into photography again after my 2 month-long hiatus in the fall. (remember that documentary i'd been working on?). i've been curating images a lot. i've done a curation in the past of parallel images of people and weird things on the street

but let's start new. 

here's orange. 

on another note, i haven't talked about what's going on in my life lately. it's almost december. thanksgiving is over. fall is (close to) being over. i'm in the midst of senior life and nearing the end of my teenagedom. what???

i just finished my senior yearbook page. 

i just submitted my college applications.

i just turned eighteen. 

i just made a movie. 

i just presented in front of a board of trustees.

i just got my driver's license. heck, i can drive.

i just booked my own flight. 

i just started dancing.

i'm doing all these new things. i feel good. 

dear izzy of 2018, you did good in 2017.

found artists: javier de riba

i forgot i had drafted this almost 2 months ago. 

javier de riba turns disarrayed spaces into orderly ones in his exhibition "flors," painting geometrical mosaics on the floors of abandoned buildings. both the photos and behind-the-scenes video of his work are breathtaking and undoubtedly satisfying. 

his work reminds me how much i underestimate the power of simplicity in art and how it can transform a space or even an entire place regardless of its imperfections. i think that is what javier aims to achieve: art that reveals the beauty of a space that does not seem beautiful.

“it moves me to think that one day these floors harbored experiences and helped form a part of someone’s daily life, and now finally rest forgotten.”

“through my intervention, i allow this sensation to flourish and offer a testimony to these past lives.”

hello again.