izzy rael — common comfort



Loud quiet, a documentary

How can I find the middle ground between authenticity and self-promotion on social media? For me, the architecture of Luis Barragán was my way to answer that.


Goodbye, hello

i thought that i’d make one last video to sum up the summer before heading to college.

3 days

3 days of driving from new york city to mexico documented on my iphone.


Getting to where i'm going

How moving to New York City has made me the person I am today. Inspired by Walt Whitman's "Song of Self", describing the individual's search for her own sense of identity.


Dear papa

to my papa, thank you for everything

glass eyes

62 minutes in 75 seconds. Henry and I found Scandinavia on the Staten Island Ferry.


Christmas morning

Opening presents, fresh-baked bread, coffee, and lots of wrapping paper. This is how we spent our Christmas morning.

Getting to where i'm going

Last week we traveled to México to explore the architecture and works of Luis Barragan. Cuadra San Cristóbal (as you might have heard) and Casa Gilardi really took my breath away. Both locations are private residences.



Sometimes a step away from the hustle of Manhattan is really gratifying. Here's Oregon.


A day to myself at home.


dear mom, 

to my mama, thank you for everything.

nyc is sleeping

A sudden change of scenery + our short excursion into the blizzard after dark. P.S. There's a guy dancing on the right at 0:25.


buckwheat porridge / common comfort for design*sponge

Buckwheat Porridge topped with a star anise-poached pear, and thickened coconut milk.

"Inspired by the changing temperatures and fall flavors, Izzy came up with a recipe for Buckwheat Porridge topped with star anise-poached pear and thickened coconut milk. It’s a warm, filling, healthy (and tasty) way to start off any fall morning. And the fact that Izzy made this in between her first few weeks of school is even more impressive. I simply cannot wait to see where this talented writer and cook goes- she’s got an incredibly bright future ahead of her." - grace bonney